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BBH Multi-axis Simulator
DiM(Driver in Motion)

Simulation center in Sayama plant    

●DiM(Driver in Motion)

"DiM" is a latest generation simulator which provides the experience "real-time feeling" of vehicle dynamics in Model Base Development (MBD) phase.
Hexapod and Tripod combinations, together with Floating system, can create innovative performance of “DiM Platform” driving simulator.
With long stroked Tripod, “DiM 250" can reproduce long lasting "Acceleration" to be valued in wider range of situations.


  DiM 150 DiM 250
Max. acceleration X,Y ± 25m/s2
Z ± 35m/s2
Max. frequency 30Hz
Max. stroke X,Y ± 0.75m ± 1.25m
Z ± 0.28m
Yaw ± 25°
Max. load mass 500kg

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