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These are used for refrigerant control for air-conditioners in automobiles and pressure control of a power steering and transmissions. Also, used for pressure control at high pressure side and pressure monitors for construction machine.

Car Air-conditioner Solenoid Valves

Car Air-conditioner
Solenoid Valves

Type SEV
To open and close refrigerant circuit

Power Steering Pressure Switches

Power Steering
Pressure Switches

Type HCB
For control of oil pressure

Transmission Engine Pressure Switches

Transmission Engine
Pressure Switches

Type LCB
For pressure control

Car Air-conditioner Capacity Control Valves

Car Air-conditioner
Capacity Control Valves

YR Series
For control of compressor capacity

Construction Machine Pressure Switches

Construction Machine
Pressure Switches

Type HCB-K
For control of high pressure

Construction Machine Pressure Sensors

Construction Machine
Pressure Sensors

Type KSK
For pressure monitor

Automatic Controls

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