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Terms of Use

This website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is operated by SAGINOMIYA SEISAKUSHO, INC. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") or its agents. Before using the content of the Website, please read and agree to the following terms of use. The Company may change the terms of use of the Website without notice. In such cases, the revised content will be posted on this page, so please check for the latest information. Also, the Website contains links to other websites operated by the Company and its subsidiaries and related companies. When using those sites, please be aware that you must also agree to the terms of use of each site.

Management of ID and Password

Customers who register as members of the Website must manage their ID and password appropriately and shall not transfer or lend them to third parties or allow their use by any other means.


The information posted on the Website is protected by copyright laws, various treaties, and other laws of each country. Beyond the scope explicitly permitted by law, such as for private use, it is prohibited to use this information (including but not limited to copying, transmitting, distributing, modifying, deleting, uploading, displaying, licensing, selling, publishing, etc.) without prior written permission from the Company. Customers who wish to use the information on the Website are requested to contact us at the following address.

The software provided from the Website is the copyrighted material of the rights holder of such software. Please use it in accordance with the provisions of the software license agreement presented by the rights holder upon provision and in accordance with copyright laws, various treaties, and other laws.

Prohibited Activities

When using the Website, you must not engage in the following activities:

  1. Actions that infringe upon or may infringe upon the property or privacy of the Company or third parties.
  2. Actions that cause or may cause harm or damage to the Company or third parties.
  3. Actions that violate or may violate public order and morals.
  4. Actions that constitute or may lead to criminal activities or offenses.
  5. Actions such as falsely registering another person's email address without authorization, making false declarations, or notifications.
  6. Actions that damage the reputation or credibility of the Company or third parties.
  7. Actions of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses or acts that may pose such a risk.
  8. Actions that violate or may violate laws and regulations.

Regarding Links

The Company does not provide any guarantees regarding links to the Company's websites or links from the Company's websites. Please use the link's source and destination in accordance with those websites' respective terms of use. In the event any damage occurs, the Company shall not be held responsible.

Links to the Company's website should, in principle, be directed to Please be aware that individual pages may be deleted due to content revisions, and we appreciate your understanding in advance.


The Company takes great care in providing information on the Website, but it does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, usefulness, suitability for specific purposes, functionality, or the absence of computer viruses or other harmful elements in the content. Additionally, the Company shall not be held responsible for the following matters:

  1. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by customers, whether they used or were unable to use the Website, or due to harmful elements such as computer viruses, or any other harm.
  2. Any damages resulting from the terms of use, the deletion or modification of information posted on the Company's website, and the interruption or suspension of the operation of the Website.
  3. Any matters related to websites that customers access via links. Please note that the presence of a link does not imply that the linked destination and the Company have a subsidiary, business relationship, or other connection.
  4. Inquiries and other communications received from customers through the Website may not reach the Company's personnel due to system malfunctions, contamination by computer viruses, unreadability caused by character encoding issues, or becoming undeliverable due to incorrect reply addresses. If you do not receive a response from the Company after making an inquiry, please kindly contact us again.
  5. If any issues or disruptions occur to the user's computer or network environment, such as when customers download our web content, the Company shall not be held responsible for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, our company shall not be liable for any damages or losses resulting from such events. In particular, when downloading and using PDF files, data files that can be processed by applications, programs compressed using compression and decompression software, and programs published on websites by the Company for customer use free of charge, please kindly review the above-mentioned terms in advance.

Suspension of the Website's Provisions, etc.

The Company may, due to system malfunctions, maintenance, natural disasters, or other unavoidable reasons, suspend or interrupt the provision of all or part of the Website to customers without prior notice. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by customers as a result.

Suggestions and Ideas

As a general rule, the Company refrains from accepting suggestions, ideas, concepts, or proposals related to new products, technologies, designs, and other matters.

This is to prevent misunderstandings and disputes that may arise if the Company's unreleased ideas, developed through its own research and development, happen to bear a strong resemblance to suggestions received from customers. In the event that the Company receives suggestions from customers, it will be understood that customers have consented to the following points. Please understand this in advance.

  1. The Company is not obligated to keep suggestions received from customers confidential.
  2. The Company is not obligated to consider, evaluate, or adopt suggestions received from customers.
  3. Even if the Company adopts all or part of a suggestion received from customers and implements a similar or identical concept, the Company shall not be responsible for any compensation, payment, or any other liability towards the provider of the suggestion.

Handling of Personal Information

On the Website, some pages use cookies to make it more convenient for customers when they revisit the Website.

Regarding the handling of cookies on the Website, please refer to About Cookies for more information.

▶Cookie Policy

▶ Privacy Policy


The Company's trademarks and trade names are protected under trademark law and commercial law and may not be used without permission.

Prohibition of Assignment

Customers are prohibited from transferring or pledging their contractual status, rights, or obligations with regard to their relationship with the Company to third parties without the Company's prior consent.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the Website and the interpretation and application of these terms of use shall be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified. Furthermore, in the absence of any specific provisions, all disputes related to this terms of use and the Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

Recommended Environment

As of October 2023, we recommend the following operating systems and web browsers to ensure the proper and comfortable use of the Website. Please note that it may not be accessible in environments other than those listed below.

Supported Browsers

  1. Microsoft Edge - Latest Version
  2. Google Chrome - Latest Version

This Cookie Policy applies to this website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") of Saginomiya Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). This Cookie Policy does not apply to external websites with domain names other than and websites of other companies within the Saginomiya Group other than the Company.

By using the Website, you agree to the Company's use of cookies in accordance with this policy. If you do not agree with the use of cookies or wish to withdraw your consent, you can disable cookies following the instructions in the Managing and Deleting Cookies section below.

About Cookies

"Cookies are small text files sent from a website to your device for recording purposes; they identify your device, usually your web browser, but do not identify you as an individual. Cookies are necessary for your comfort in using websites and recording your preferences (e.g., which language you are using) and your behavior (e.g., login status, products placed in your cart, etc.). On the other hand, tracking you on the Internet allows us to display personalized advertisements from the Website or our advertising partners, or to share them on social media, in order to collect analytical data to improve functionality and performance. We may also track you on the Internet, where we collect analytical data to improve performance. To the extent legally required, you can choose to allow or deny cookies that are not essential for the functioning of the Website or third parties (advertising partners or social media partners) by means of cookie banners displayed on individual websites and settings."

Managing and Deleting Cookies

By using the cookie banner displayed on the Website and the Change Settings button below, you can choose to accept or decline the use of cookies, etc. by the Website or third parties (analytics partners, ad tech partners, or social media partners) that are not essential to functionality. You can also disable cookies by changing your browser settings. The procedure for changing the settings differs depending on the browser. If necessary, please use the help function of your browser or visit the appropriate website below.

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Google Chrome

Use of Cookies by Third Parties

Please be aware that the use of cookies by third parties (including advertising networks and web traffic analysis services) is managed by the companies providing each cookie, and not by the Company. Companies primarily providing cookies related to analytics, performance, and targeting may use the personal information you have provided to the Website to provide advertisements related to products or services that you may be interested in. Additionally, these companies may use your personal information to measure the effectiveness of advertising. If you do not wish for your personal information to be used by such third parties, please change or delete your cookie settings.

Disabling Cookies

Users of the Website can disable cookies by changing their browser settings. General instructions for configuring cookies in common browsers are available on the following websites:

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Google Chrome

Please note that if you disable cookies, some functions of the Website may become unavailable, some pages may not display correctly, or certain services provided by the Company may not be accessible. Please be aware of this in advance.

Cookie List

Cookies are small data files (text files) that a website asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember your language preferences, login information, etc. when you visit them. These cookies are set by the Company and are called first-party cookies. The Company also uses third-party cookies, which are cookies that come from a different domain than the domain you visited, to support our advertising and marketing efforts. More specifically, the Company uses cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Website, and users cannot turn them off in their systems. They are typically set in response to user actions that correspond to service requests, such as privacy settings, login, and form input. While it is possible to configure browsers to block/warn about these cookies, doing so may result in some parts of the site not functioning. These cookies do not store personally identifiable information.

Performance Cookies

These cookies facilitate the counting of visitor numbers and tracking of communication traffic sources, aiding in the evaluation and enhancement of our company's website performance. They prove valuable in identifying both the most and least popular pages, as well as in gaining insight into visitor navigation patterns within the site. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated, preserving anonymity. Declining these cookies means that our company will not have knowledge of a user's visit to our website.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies enhance website functionality and allow for personalization. These cookies may be set by the Company or by third parties providing additional services added to the Company's site. If these cookies are not accepted, some or all services may not function properly.

Targeting Cookies

These cookies may be set via the Company's site by the Company's advertising partners. These companies use these cookies to create user interest profiles and to display relevant ads on the Company's site and other sites. These cookies do not directly store personal information but uniquely identify users' browsers and internet devices. If these cookies are not accepted, more general advertisements that are not targeted may be displayed.

Purposes of Using Cookies, etc.

On the Website, the Company primarily uses cookies and web beacons issued by the Company for the following purposes:

  1. To display the optimal website and improve services.
  2. To temporarily manage information entered by users.
  3. To guide users to the most suitable website for the country or region they are accessing from.
  4. For statistical research and analysis of browsing behavior.

Revision of the Cookie Policy

The Company reserves the right to change the Cookie Policy at its discretion. If the Company decides to change the Cookie Policy, it will notify users through the Website's method of notification. After such notification, if users continue to use the Website, they will be deemed to have consented to the revised Cookie Policy.

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