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Social Media Policy

SAGINOMIYA SEISAKUSHO, INC (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has established and complies with the Social Media Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") regarding the operation of official social media accounts and participation in social media.

Saginomiya Group Social Media Policy

Social Media Participation

Information posted on the internet via social media is accessible to a wide range of users, and once information is shared, it may not be completely removable. Understanding this, we will responsibly engage in information sharing as conscientious members of society.

When Saginomiya Group employees engage in information sharing, they will adhere to applicable laws, the Saginomiya Group Philosophy, the Saginomiya Group Corporate Code of Conduct, and internal regulations.

We will exercise due caution to ensure that we do not disseminate incorrect information or information that may lead to misunderstandings. If we inadvertently share incorrect information or create misunderstandings, we will promptly make corrections.

Regarding Information Sharing on Social Media

All information shared by Saginomiya Group employees on social media may not necessarily represent the official announcements or views of the Saginomiya Group. Official announcements and views of the Saginomiya Group are provided through publications on the respective Saginomiya Group company websites and press releases. Please be aware of this in advance.

For inquiries regarding the Saginomiya Group Social Media Policy, please contact the official website's inquiry channel.

Use of Saginomiya Group Corporate Accounts

Saginomiya Group Corporate Accounts

Below is a list of company accounts that Saginomiya Group officially recognizes and allows for operation:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. ・Saginomiya Corporation
  3. ・Saginomiya Europe
  4. Saginomiya America, Inc.
  5. YouTube
  6. ・Saginomiya Corporation

Personal Information:

Regarding personal information obtained from official accounts, we will adhere to the Privacy Policy set forth by the Company and manage it appropriately.

▶Privacy Policy

Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited when using the Saginomiya Group corporate account.

If the content (comments, photos, videos, etc.) posted on Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts is determined to violate the prohibited activities, we may take actions such as removing the post, hiding comments, or blocking the account of the user who made the post without prior notice. Saginomiya Group will not assume any responsibility for any damages or issues arising from these actions, and users agree not to raise objections in such cases.

  1. Actions that infringe on the property (tangible or intangible) or privacy of a third party (including other users) or the Company and the Saginomiya Group companies. Or actions that may infringe upon the rights of others (including acts of disclosing information that can lead to the identification of individuals, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses)
  2. Defamation, slander, or threats directed towards third parties or Saginomiya Group and its affiliated companies.
  3. Actions that cause or may cause harm or disadvantage to third parties or Saginomiya Group and its affiliated companies.
  4. Actions that defame or may defame the reputation or credibility of third parties or Saginomiya Group and its affiliated companies.
  5. Actions used for commercial purposes or other profit-seeking activities (including the use of Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts and information obtained through them for commercial purposes).
  6. Actions that violate public order and morals, including obscene or blasphemous behavior or statements, or actions that may lead to such violations.
  7. Election campaigns, political activities, religious activities, or actions similar to these.
  8. Actions that solicit investment, donations, funding, or the purchase of goods or services, among other things.
  9. Actions that involve using, providing, or transmitting harmful programs or files such as computer viruses, or actions that may pose a risk thereof.
  10. Unauthorized access through fraudulent activities such as hacking.
  11. Monitoring or replicating all or part of Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts.
  12. Impersonating users of Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts, third parties, or Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts.
  13. Actions that violate applicable laws and regulations, including export-related regulations, or actions that may pose a risk thereof.
  14. Any other actions prohibited by the respective social media platform operators.
  15. In addition to the aforementioned points, actions that Saginomiya Group deems inappropriate, including actions that may disrupt or have the potential to disrupt the operations of third parties or Saginomiya Group and its affiliated companies.


Neither the Company nor the Saginomiya Group companies shall be liable for any damages incurred by users of social media resulting from the use of, or inability to use, Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts.

The Company and Saginomiya Group companies shall not be held responsible for any problems between social networking service users or between social networking service users and third parties regarding Saginomiya Group company accounts and their use (including the failure to use them).

Neither the Company nor any of the Saginomiya Group companies shall be liable for any content (comments, photos, videos, etc.) posted to the Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts by social networking service users. In addition, all copyrights (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) to information posted by users to the Saginomiya Group corporate accounts belong to the Company The user has no right to claim compensation for the attribution or waiver of such rights.

We cannot guarantee a response to posts (comments, direct messages, etc.) made by social media users on Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts, regardless of the content of the posts.

We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information disseminated through Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts. Additionally, the content may be subject to change or deletion without prior notice.

Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts may be subject to modifications, termination, or deletion without prior notice.

Please note that we may not be able to answer technical questions related to each social networking service. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

We reserve the right to modify this content without obtaining user consent. In such cases, the revised content will come into effect automatically when Saginomiya Group publishes it on websites or through other means. Subsequently, users of Saginomiya Group's corporate accounts will be subject to the revised content.

Removal of Content

Regarding the removal of content, we may delete (*) posts related to the following (including comments and replies) without prior notice. Additionally, if we deem the content to be malicious, we may take reporting measures to the respective social media platforms.

  1. Information that falls under non-public, confidential, or proprietary information before general release.
  2. Content that is false, misleading, or intended to deceive, or that may cause misunderstandings.
  3. Content that hinders healthy and meaningful discussions.
  4. Content that discriminates against, defames, or violates the privacy, human rights, etc., of third parties.
  5. Content that qualifies as spam activities.
  6. Comments or posts impersonating Saginomiya Group or third parties.
  7. Self-promotion of one's own products, stores, or companies.
  8. Information that is untrue or has the potential to be untrue.
  9. Content that infringes upon the copyrights, image rights, or other intellectual property rights of groups, users, or third parties.
  10. Content related to political activities, election campaigns, religious activities, and associated matters.
  11. Content that aims to promote criminal activities or induces criminal behavior.
  12. Inappropriate content, including explicit expressions.
  13. Content that defames or slanders the group and its employees.
  14. Actions or content that the group deems inappropriate in the course of operation.

*Deletion refers to all actions required to prevent third parties from accessing the relevant posts (including comments and replies) in accordance with the operating rules of each social media platform.


The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between the Company or Saginomiya Group companies and the user in relation to the use of social networking services and these Terms of Use.

Changes to the Social Media Policy:

This Social Media Policy may be modified without prior notice. The revised Social Media Policy will take effect from the time it is published by the Company on this page.

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For inquiries related to our social media accounts, please use the contact form on our official website.

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