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CHINA REFRIGERATION 2017 Calendar : April 12 - 14,2017 Booth : W2 Hall W2G15 Exhibition site : Shanghai New International Expo Center, China  Contact us : SAGINOMIYA SEISAKUSHO,  INC.
P.R. & Advertisement Section  TEL : +81 3 6205 9132  FAX : +81 3 6205 9133 E-mail:  * Information might be offered to our business section, the tech sector, and the special agent for the answer of the inquiry

It is a great pleasure to inform you that SAGINOMIYA has exhibited at "CHINA REFRIGERATION 2017", which has been held at Shanghai, China in April 2017.
We introduced the lineup of our Automatic Controls for A/C and Refrigeration, together with FOSHAN HUALU AUTOMATIC CONTROLS LTD, SAGINOMIYA's Chinese subsidiary.
From SAGINOMIYA group, Nippon GT also exhibited their Bimetal Thermostats.

We deeply appreciate that we had a large number of visitors to our booth during the exhibition.

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