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DMH Thermal Fatigue Test System
Thermal Fatigue Test System

●Thermal Fatigue Test System

By synchronizing heat cycles with stresses cycles, this system can evaluate the effects of boundary restriction caused by thermal change. The stress cycle is given by hydraulic servo system and the heat cycle is given by high-frequency inductive heating system.

DMH250 Thermal Fatigue Test System High-frequency induction heating system

Temperature range 300°C to 1200°C
Heating system High-frequency induction heating system (Direct and indirect induction heating)
Control system Heat cycle and temperature constant control by PID control
Heating speed Approx. 70s from room temperature to 1000°C
Cooling system Air servo system (Simultaneous control of heating and cooling by PID control)
Cooling speed Approx. 60s from 1000°C to 300°C
Temperature distribution Within 15°C (GL-15mm at 900°C)
Attainable vacuum 10-3 Pa order (by constant heating at 900°C)
Pumping speed Approx. 40min. up to 10-3 Pa order
Vacuum pump Turbo molecular pump and oil rotary pump
Vacuum gauge Pirani gauge and ionization gauge
Power supply 3-phase 200V, 3kVA
Cooling water 25L/min at 30°C

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