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Electric Servo Test Systems

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SMH Material Fatigue Test System
Electric Servo Fatigue Test System

●Electric Servo Fatigue Test System

SAGINOMIYA electric servo fatigue test machine is a simple system composed of an actuator, a controller and motor drivers so that you can easily move and install it to realize optimum testing environment.
Selecting additional software; standing wave, static stiffness measurement, random wave, and multi-axial wave, you can cope with various testing conditions.


Type A125-*** 003 005 103 105 113 115
Sine wave force kN ±5 ±10 ±20
Static force kN ±2.5 ±5 ±10
Max. stroke mm ±50 ±100 ±50 ±100 ±50 ±100
Motor capacity kW 1.8 7.0 7.5
Weight of actuator kg 22 24 111 124 117 131
Power supply ACV, Hz AC200/400V 3φ AC200V 3φ
kVA 5kVA 13kVA 15kVA

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