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CONCEPT 1 : Philosophy

Mother technology opening tomorrow Reliability,evaluation,
and new values being created by tests

The reliability of products now being demanded by the society and industrial fields is extending toward the conformity, influences to the terrestrial environments and other higher and complicated quality characteristics in addition to the convenience and efficiency. Various verification and tests are indispensable for the quality characteristics being intended by developers and researchers to check if all products and their industrial materials satisfy their demanded quality and functions, and also, if they can display new values. SAGINOMIYA's dynamic servo test systems and units are indispensable to verify various quality being executed in wide and versatile genres. Test purposes and their fields extend over a wide range such as the survey of the influences to environments, influences of physical distribution, locating and searching broken positions and their causes, utilization of products, or relation with users for the purpose of developing and improving products and executing quality control in manufacturing processes. SAGINOMIYA will powerfully support the mother technology, which leads the next generation according to individual test needs and creates new values by securing the reliability and evaluation of products from various aims and points of view.

CONCEPT 2 : Fields

SAGINOMIYA deals test systems covering from materials to finished commodities and enjoys favorably reputed results with high reliability in versatile industrial and living fields.

Since SAGINOMIYA started developing, manufacturing, and selling various test systems in 1961, SAGINOMIYA has accumulated versatile and extensive delivery results in automobiles, civil engineering, construction, food, machinery, railroads, electricity, information, nuclear power, rockets, aircraft, other various industrial fields, government and municipal offices, schools, etc. in overseas countries as well as in Japan.
Now, SAGINOMIYA is favorably reputed with high reliability in many fields as a comprehensive test system maker out of a small minority in the world. SAGINOMIYA's dynamic servo test systems cover extensive test objects ranging from materials of products to finished products. These systems can be divided roughly into six genres shown below.
● Material Fatigue Test Systems
● Vibration Test Systems
● Fatigue Test Systems
● Test Systems for Automobiles
● Test Systems for Civil Engineering and Construction
● Test Systems for Aircraft and Railroads

CONCEPT 3 : Customizing

Optimum systems conforming to software and hardware can be constructed according to test purposes.

SAGINOMIYA offers dynamic servo systems fully satisfying the test purposes of customers as users of test systems.
SAGINOMIYA manufactures the hardware and software to be best suited for individual test contents according to the customized specifications to match the users' needs optimally. SAGINOMIYA offers test systems conforming to individual specifications that are different every user according to the test purposes.Various systems and units introduced on the following pages show examples of these products which have been developed and manufactured to satisfy test needs of specific purposes. SAGINOMIYA will continue offering dynamic servo products to fully meet the test contents necessary for users.

Test Systems

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