SAGINOMIYA SEISAKUSHO, INC.HEAVY OIL TANKMAIN ENGINESTEAM HEATERDIESEL OIL TANKBOOSTERPUMPSTEAMMEASURED VISCOSITYSIGNALCHANGE-OVER SIGNALSTEAM CONTROL SIGNAL(CONTROL ROOM)FUEL OILTYPE DUJCONTROL PANELTYPE DUJVISCOSITY CONTROLLER TYPE AVMVISCOMETERTYPE DUJFUEL OIL CHANGE-OVER SWITCHTYPE EXVELECTRICAL CHANGE-OVERVALVETYPE WGK/NVKSTEAM CONTROL MOTORVALVE燃料油の粘度管理に威力を発揮The Excellent Viscosity Control of Fuel Oil粘度コントロールユニット(VCU形)は粘度センサ(AVM形)、粘度コントローラ(DUJ形)、蒸気制御弁(WGK/NVK形)から構成されております。 いずれもサギノミヤの長年にわたる技術蓄積に依り開発したものです。低粘度から高粘度の幅広い粘度に対し、高信頼性、高精度を誇り、システムの簡素化、取扱い及び保守管理の容易性を考慮して設計されております。Unit of Viscosily Control (Type VCU) consists of Type AVM Viscometer (Viscosity Sensor). Type DUJ Viscosity Controller and Type WGK/NVK Steam Control Motor Valve. All of the above components have been developed through Saginomiya's technology amassed in many years. It assures high reliability and accuracy and is designed for both simplification of system and easing of maintenance services.■■SYSTEM OUTLINEType DUJViscosity ControllerType AVMViscometer (Viscosity Sensor)Steam Control Motor ValveCombination of Type WGK and Type NVK