SAGINOMIYA SEISAKUSHO, INC.TYPE EXV ELECTRICAL CHANGE-OVER VALVE電気式3方切換弁(EXV形)はメインエンジンの燃料系統に取り付けられ、A重油、C重油の切換えに使用されます。スプリング反力を利用したボール弁構造のため、弁とシートの面圧を一定に保つことができ、安定した弁のしゃ断能力を発揮し、弁の操作力も低く作動が極めてスムーズです。手動操作機構付万一、何らかの原因でEXVが作動しなくなった場合、あるいは緊急時に、手動操作により弁のポジションを切換えることができます。ELECTRICAL CHANGE-OVER VALVE (Type EXV) is for changeover of heavy oil and diesel oil when installed in fuel system of the main engine for the ship. The valve is a ball valve utilizing a spring force and can keep the facial pressure of valve and sheet constant, and gives stable shut-off function. Valve needs minimal operation force assuring very smooth operation.MANUAL OPERATIONPosition of the valve can manually changed in case the valve stops operation or in an emergency.●●仕様 SPECIFICATIONSTYPEEXV-5020FLEXV-8030FLConnectionJIS B2239 10k 50A FlangeJIS B2239 10k 80A FlangeHydro Test Pressure1.5MPaAirtight Test Pressure1MPaMax. Working Pressure0.2MPaFluidHeavy Oil and Diesel OilFluid Temp.0 to 150℃Ambient Temp.0 to 55℃Power Supply24V. AC ± 10% 50/60HzMax. Consumption Power21VATimingApprox. 90secManual ActuatorMountedPosition Indicator Switch Contact Capacity125V. AC……5A●●外形寸法図 DIMENSIONQPONMLoutputinputinputφAK φJJIS F 8801 C-15CLOT.NOTYPE EGK-FCDEBIHGLRCONTROL MOTOROIL FILLEDBECAUSE OFDO NOT DISASSEMBLEAC24V 50/60HzCatalog No.EXV-5020FLEXV-8030FLJIS 10k Flange2B3BA5080B155185C110130D303327E413457F1618G110130H110130I220260J120150K4-φ198-φ19L96123M77.592.5N173.5215.5O96123P10275Q198198